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"I want to thank you for the support CJF has given me through this dark period of my life. Your support shined a light on my recovery which I will not forget." - Kevin (Brandino) Brandon (Bassist)

"The California Jazz Foundation quickly and generously came to our aid when we needed help.  The Foundation, providing assistance for jazz musicians facing unexpected circumstances, is a true blessing.  Thank You!" - Paul Gormley (Bassist)

"By some miracle, I was put in touch with the California Jazz Foundation, and they generously sprang to my rescue… They have enabled many of us to go on, doing what we believe in and spreading music that brings joy to millions!" - Noel Jewkes (Saxophonist)

“Thank you so much, California Jazz Foundation, for your help in my time of need.  This has been a very trying period for me on many fronts.  It is a comfort to know when all of my efforts fail I can call on you.  I don’t take this lightly and I will never abuse this resource.  May GOD Bless You.” - Dwight Trible (Jazz Vocalist)

"My heartfelt thanks are simply not enough. The California Jazz Foundation quite literally kept me going as I recovered from cancer. These angels of music helped me with their gracious generosity. I am forever in their debt and will do whatever I can to give back to the next musician who is in need." - Cheryl Bentyne (Jazz Vocalist)

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